Providing a full range of professional chimney sweep services across Devon.

Ellis Sweeps provides a full range of services, sweeping all types of chimneys and flues for all types of appliances. We will perform a thorough sweep, using a range of specialist rods and brushes alongside an industrial vacuum cleaner fitted with a HEPA filtration system. During the process your stove or fireplace will be sealed, and we will use protective covers and runners to help prevent any soot from entering your room and to protect your home or business.

We will arrange appointments to suit you, but please be aware that at busier times of the year this may be a little more difficult. You may consider avoiding the rush and booking your sweep during the quieter summer period. You can be sure that, regardless of when you have your chimney swept, we will take care of your needs as quickly and efficiently as possible.

We will also send you a reminder when your next sweep is due, so you never have to worry over when you next need your chimney, flue, stove, or fireplace swept.

At Ellis Sweeps our range of services includes:

The fireplace will be sealed, the chimney thoroughly swept and the soot fall will be vacuumed away. The fire-back, basket and all other parts will be scraped & vacuumed clean. The fireplace & hearth will be vacuumed and left at least as clean as found.

We will remove the baffle plate & fire bricks, seal the opening and thoroughly sweep the flue / chimney. The stove will be cleaned out, checking the condition of the door seal, and reassembled. We can also make minor repairs to your stove at an additional cost e.g. door seal, fire bricks etc.

The Inglenook will be appropriately sealed and the chimney thoroughly swept. Depending on time required, there may be an additional charge after the first 90 minutes.

We will clean the flue with flexible rods and specialist brushes. In addition, the heat plate will be removed and soot cleaned out from the heat chambers. Please ensure your range is turned off and sufficiently cool to work on before your appointment.

We will remove birds’ nests (subject to breeding season restrictions). Depending on the nature and difficulty of the obstruction, an additional charge may be incurred after the first 90 minutes. Once the blockage is removed, the normal sweeping process will resume. Please be aware that it may not be possible to prevent all dust from escaping the chimney due to the often large volume of nesting material and the periodic removal of the seal around the fireplace in order to take out the waste. We will, of course, do our best to reduce the risk of dust escaping.

After each sweep we will light a cake of smoke producing material in your fireplace, stove, or range to check that the chimney is working correctly.

A Certificate of Chimney Sweeping is issued after every sweep, meeting your household insurance needs.

We can supply & fit carbon monoxide alarms.