Frequently Asked Questions

Chimneys need to allow the free passage of dangerous combustion gasses.  Regular sweeping will remove soot, bird nests, cobwebs and any other blockages.  Sweeping also removes creosote, which will help to prevent dangerous chimney fires.  Having your chimney swept can also increase the efficiency of some appliances.

This depends on how often the fire is used, what you burn, and what type of chimney you have. We will be able to advise on sweeping frequency during the appointment, the sweeping frequencies below are for guidance only.

Smokeless Fuel At least once a year
Wood Quarterly when in use
Bituminous coal Quarterly when in use
Oil Once a year
Gas Once a year

Yes, it is very much recommended that you have your chimney swept as soon as possible as you may not know when it was last swept.

Chimney Sweeps are well trained in the prevention of dust escaping during sweeping.  However, there are some circumstances when it is difficult to guarantee there will be no mess .e.g. if a chimney is blocked with a birds nest.

You can expect a typical appointment to last anywhere from 45 minutes-1 hour depending on how dirty the chimney is.

Yes, although burning these fuels does not normally deposit soot, there can still be numerous other problems that affect chimney function which sweeping can solve or identify. Sweeping will also help with the prevention of chimney fires and even carbon monoxide poisoning.

The cost of a chimney sweep or inspection varies upon your location and the number of chimneys that you have. For more information about sweeping cost contact us at 0800 2982 595.

In general we will need a clear passage to the chimney and adequate space to work in. It is advisable to clear any ornaments from the hearth and perhaps the mantelpiece. In particular it is helpful to clear the grate of any fuel / ash / rubbish to ensure we can get started as quickly as possible. For more details feel free to ask when booking your appointment.

Yes. We will provide a certificate with every sweep.