Taking Care of Our Customers

Taking Care of Our Customers

Adding Value (3)At Ellis sweeps we mean it when we say,

“Our business is your satisfaction, safety and peace of mind”

We want you, our customers, to be completely satisfied with the service you receive from us.  We want you to know that your appliance has been swept in accordance with industry standards and is safe to use.  We want you to rest assured, knowing we have taken great care in meeting your chimney sweeping needs.


  • That is why we take the time to use protective covers and runners, protecting your home and its contents.added value
  • It is why we will seal your appliance and use an industrial vacuum fitted with a HEPA filtration system, reducing the risk of soot entering your room.
  • It is why we are licensed waste carriers and will remove all soot and debris from your home, or business, disposing of it in compliance with environmental protection and waste regulations.
  • It is why we will issue you with a certificate after each sweep and will advise you if any further action may be required.
  • It is why we will also remind you when your next sweep is due, taking the hassle and worry away from you.

Not all sweeps offer all the above services.  At Ellis Sweeps, we are committed to ensuring you receive a full, professional chimney sweeping service.